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Designed to offer the ultimate in wellness spa indulgence from the comfort and privacy of home, the Ergobath® is based upon ergonomic and hydrotherapy principles.

Extreme comfort and relaxation is combined with hydro-jet technology for rejuvenating health benefits, providing a day spa experience that can be enjoyed at any time.

Tony Schiavello

Designed for Life

"I designed the Ergobath® to fit around the human body, rather than forcing the body to fit into a conventional bath. It’s the comfort that makes the difference."

Tony Schiavello

The Ergonomics of Luxury

Ergobath is comfortable

Available with integrated spa

Water and time efficient

Comfort in all the right spots

The luxuriously deep, ergonomically designed Ergobath® offers possibly the most comfortable bathing experience available.

Specifically designed for superior comfort Ergobath® allows you to bathe in total relaxation while your posture is not compromised. Ergobath® supports your head, neck and back perfectly, unlike most conventional baths.

Fit for Purpose

Your Ergobath® comes in Freestanding and Inset options, providing better installation flexibility


The Ergobath® range offers true convenience and flexibility, not often available with other traditional spa baths.

Ergobath® is available in the fully integrated freestanding bath as well as a convenient inset island design that can go straight into your existing bath hob, allowing for flexible installation options.

Each Ergobath® is supplied with a stainless steel support frame for quick and easy installation. Tile or stone can be used on the surround of the inset bath while the freestanding option allows for a more minimalist style.

Exceptional quality is within Range

Ergobath Classic

The perfect way to create a day spa at home

The contemporary Ergobath® has additional foot rests ensuring the suitability for variable body heights and flexible positioning, while the arm locations offer comfort as well as support when stepping in and out. The gently sloping lumbar support combined with the unique head and neck cradle provide a superior level of comfort and indulgence.

Due to the advanced ergonomic design , Ergobath® offers the luxury and feel of a much deeper bath yet requires significantly less water than other baths of similar size.

  • Available as Inset
  • Available as Freestanding
Ergobath Duluxe

Relax, Rejuvenate and Revitalise

A total of 12 strategically positioned low-profile jets designed to soothe the mind and revive the senses. The rejuvenating hydrotherapy benefits are partnered with a 1Hp heated pump and an electronic touch control pad.

  • 6 Therapy Jets
  • 2 Harmony Jets
  • 4 Relex Jets

  • Available as Inset
  • Available as Freestanding
Ergobath Premium

A wellness oasis with ultimate luxury

Submerged ambient lighting and a total of 26 jets combine to create a supremely indulgent and therapeutic experience. The rejuvenating hydrotherapy benefits are partnered with an enhanced multi-speed heater blower, a 1.5Hp pump with 700W controllable heating element and a remote control for the ultimate spa experience.

  • 6 Therapy Jets
  • 4 Harmony Jets
  • 4 Relex Jets
  • 12 Hydro Jets
  • Mood Lights
  • Remote Control

  • Available as Inset
  • Available as Freestanding

Feel Free. Help yourself

Please help yourself to the following downloads for the Ergobath® range.

Freestanding or Inset

  • Integrated stainless steel frame
  • Adjustable feet
  • Easy Installation

Water Efficient

  • Uses 33% less water *
  • Capacity 168 litres*
  • Spa options

Enhanced Design

  • Optimised ergonomics
  • Therapeutic and relaxation benefits
  • Excellent thermal retention


  • Overflow
  • Chrome push plug
  • Concealed pump and plumbing

* 168 litres capacity is based on comfortable water depth with an average size person in the bath.* 33% water saving is approximate based on baths of similar dimensions.

We've got you covered from head to heal

Hydrotherapy and massage are two of the oldest healing therapies. The Ergobath® Spa System uses hydro-jet technology to create the ultimate bathing and massage spa experience. Each of the Ergobath® spa jets has been selected and positioned to optimise the therapeutic healing and relaxing benefits.

Some of the benefits you may experience are:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and tension
  • A decrease in arthritic aches
  • A decrease in joint, muscle, and nerve pain
  • Improvements in mobility
  • Enhanced skin and muscle tone
  • All over superior general wellbeing

The spa system is available with the inset or freestanding Ergobath® with the pump positioned at the head of the bath.

The freestanding model has the pump and all plumbing concealed and contained within the bath structure and has a convenient access panel.

Spa Systems

Therapy Jets

The unique, fully adjustable tri spin Therapy Jets give optimum therapeutic massage performance which can reduce muscle tension and improve circulation while the low profile design offers total comfort.

Reflex Jets

Powerful yet soothing the Reflex Jets offer a stimulating massage that can enhance relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety, improve mobility and stimulate blood flow.

Harmony Jets

With excellent massaging pressure the relaxing Harmony Jets are fully adjustable and directional allowing maximum control and personalisation.

Hydro Air Jets

The low profile Hydro Air Jets have variable speed allowing you to personalise your spa experience, choose a gentle calming massage through to a vigorous air massage that can reinvigorate tired muscles, increase blood flow and reduce stress.

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